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Hydro Power:

Having worked on some of the largest hydroelectric units in the country, Cutting Edge is capable of handling whatever size project you have. From milling to boring, our experienced team will use our state of the art machines to deliver quality results every time.

Our onsite machining services include:

  • Stay Vane Contouring
  • Upper and Lower Stay Ring Machining
  • Wear Ring Resurfacing
  • Discharge Ring Welding and Machining
  • Discharge Ring Boring
  • Wicket Gate Align Boring
  • Coupling Align Boring
  • Cavitation Repair
  • Specialty Welding

Our industry specific equipment includes:

  • Hydro Circular Mills
  • Hydro XL-Circular Mills
  • Hydro Axis Mill
  • Hydro Boring Bars

Thermal Power:

Our team offers a wide variety of our cutting edge machines to improve plant performance and quality. Whether your facility needs maintenance, modernization, or emergency repairs, our experienced team is ready to provide quality and timely services.

Our onsite machining services include:

  • Steam Turbine Half Joint Welding and Machining
  • Diaphragm Pocket Align Boring
  • Sole Plate Alignment and Machining
  • Diaphragm Blade Removal
  • Stud Removal

Our industry specific equipment includes:

  • Thermal Circular Mills
  • Thermal XL-Circular Mills
  • Thermal Axis Mill
  • Thermal Boring Bars


Our team understands that mining downtime is expensive, so we are ready to commit any necessary resources to provide quality and timely machining results. Whether you are performing a complete relocation, tub replacement or just changing your racks and rails, we are here to make the process run smoothly and get your equipment back up and running.

Our onsite machining services include:

  • Dragline Rail and Rack Pads
  • Dragline Hook Rails
  • Dragline Revolving Frame Machinery Deck
  • Swing Bore Alignment
  • Alignment and Welding of Swing Cases
  • Align Boring of Propels and Hoist and Drag Cases
  • Crusher SAG, Rod, and Ball Mills End Faces
  • Crusher Journal Mount Faces
  • Crusher Gyratory Conical Joint Faces
  • Stacker Reclaimer Bearing Support Ring
  • Shovel Slew Ring Faces

Our industry specific equipment includes:

  • Mining Circular Mills
  • Mining XL-Circular Mills
  • Mining Axis Mill
  • Mining Boring Bars


Our experienced crews are ready to machine on offshore structures at a moment’s notice.

Our onsite machining services include:

  • Turret Slew Ring and Connection Faces
  • Rail Tracks for Floating Cranes
  • FSO, FPSO, CALM Buoys

Our industry specific equipment includes:

  • Offshore Circular Mills
  • Offshore XL-Circular Mills
  • Offshore Axis Mill
  • Offshore Boring Bars


Our company provides versatile onsite machining services, so no matter what the situation, our experienced team is ready to help. Our modern equipment can improve the quality of your facility.

Our onsite machining services include:

  • Mill Stands - Wear Plate Surfaces
  • Mill Stand Sole Plates
  • Latch Plate Surfaces
  • Blast Furnace Lip rings
  • Electric Arc Furnace – Tilting Platforms

Our industry specific equipment includes:

  • Steel Circular Mills
  • Steel XL-Circular Mills
  • Steel Axis Mill
  • Steel Boring Bars

On The Cutting Edge

Our company boasts some of the most experienced and technically-advanced machinists in the industry. Using our state-of-the-art machining equipment, we aim to complete every project safely, on time, and with unparalleled quality.

Founded in Onalaska, Texas, we use our 6000sf fabrication shop to customize machines and prepare for projects across the country for a variety of customers. Our company culture is deeply rooted in cultivating long-term relationships, which allow us to fully understand our customers’ needs. From simple maintenance projects to challenging new design projects, we want to be your first call to assist you in verifying your designs machine-ability.

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