Advantages of Onsite Machining

Onsite or field machining involves doing repairs at the site of the breakdown. The company completing this service uses portable machines which they bring to the repair problem area instead of transporting the piece of machinery to be fixed or replaced in their machine shop. There are many advantages of onsite machining, which we are discussing below.

onsite machining advantages

Where is Onsite Machining Used?

Onsite machining services can be used at any plant or job site. Examples of their use can be found at power plants, offshore drilling sites, in coal mining industry sites, at marine locations, in oil and gas institutions, in manufacturing factories, and at water utility plants.

Onsite machining is an ideal solution for new construction projects. Field machining also works well when modifications need to be made or for planned shutdowns. If emergency repairs are required onsite machining can mill, bore, trepan, drill. Portable onsite machines can carry most machining activities that would normally be done in a machining workshop.

Watch this example of onsite machining in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvpFVUQY5L

How Does Onsite Machining Work?

Portable machines can be bolted or clamped directly onto the job site. These machines can be mounted quickly and easily into any position.

The portable machines can perform many actions including facing boring. As well as

Onsite machining can perform repairs, retooling, and replacement in industrial sites of:

  • Forging, forming, and welding
  • Material production and manufacturing.
  • Moveable structures.

advantages of onsite machining

Advantages of Onsite Machining

In this highly competitive economy, budgets are tight. Everywhere a dollar can be saved is crucial. Customers demand the best quality for the lowest price. Quality, precision and high levels of performance are vital. The innovators who come up with cost-cutting measures to save time and money are the ones who succeed in business today.

Problems need to be identified and repaired quickly and accurately. Lost time for repairs is expensive. It puts the company over budget. If the business exceeds the estimated cost this is money out of the organization’s pocket.

You need to fix problems fast and keep the operation running at top efficiency to remain a viable business.

By using portable machines, company personnel can get high quality, precision machining done on site. Thanks to technology precision machines can be brought to the problem rather than taking the time to transport the non-functioning machine to a machine shop and then back to the job site. This is one of the major advantages of onsite machining.

No longer does the repair work have to be done at a workshop. This can now be done on-site in spite of the fact that many machines may be located in very difficult and awkward situations.

By making use of portable machines, you are able to bring the workshop to the job site. Other advantages of onsite machining include:

1. Onsite Machines avoid Logistical Headaches

One of the advantages of onsite machining is that the machine shop is brought to the work location. Headaches of removing the broken part and shipping it to the shop to be worked on are eliminated. You avoid transportation costs and working hours to make that transfer.

2. Onsite Machining Reduces Downtime

By avoiding transportation, the time that part is down is drastically reduced.

As soon as the portable machines have done their job, the operation can be up and running at maximum efficiency again.

3. Onsite Machining Improves Your Bottom Line

By reducing downtime at your industrial plant, you realize significant savings. By avoiding lengthy off-site repairs, you cut downtime to a minimum. Also cutting shipping costs it’s easy to see why onsite machining is highly desirable.

If your company needs precision machining fast, the obvious choice is onsite machine repairs. By using portable machine tools plant managers know their bottom line will be as healthy as it can be.

4. Field or Onsite Machining Eliminates Dismantling

The process of dismantling equipment so it can be transported to the machine shop is time-consuming and frustrating. Sometimes, because of the task or the size of the part, it is well-nigh impossible. This doesn’t even begin to figure in transportation and labor costs. Getting repairs completed efficiently is a highly economic situation.

That’s where onsite or field machining really pays off. Repairs take place right there. This eliminates stripping down machinery, dismantling, packing for transport, time while the repairs are made and time to get the part back. It also eliminates reassembly time.

onsite machining companies

5. Costly Down Time is Cut to a Minimum

Time is money. If a piece of equipment has to be stripped out and moved to a repair facility, it can result in a long downtime for that business. With onsite machining, the downtime can be cut from days of weeks to the hours it takes to make repairs in the field.

Onsite or field machining services provide a cost-effective modification and repair of a variety of parts and equipment. Many companies have this service available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Examples of Onsite Machining Locations

Most onsite machining service providers have the ability to do jobs in such sectors as:

  • Aerospace and defense
  • Hydropower and nuclear power generation
  • Diesel a wind power generation
  • Petrochemical operations
  • Mining operations
  • Shipyard/shipbuilding projects
  • Marine, maritime vessels, and offshore industry
  • Aluminum and steel production and fabrication
  • Engine power and propulsion.
  • Steel fabrication
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing
  • Infrastructure manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Science laboratories
  • Military Installations

Onsite machining jobs often take service providers to locations all over the world.

Why Choose CEO Machining?

onsite machining company

Cutting Edge Onsite Machining was created by its president and founder, Peter Casey, over a quarter of a century ago. A pioneer in the field of onsite machining, CEO Machining is a young company but it brings to its loyal customers over thirty years of successful machining experience.

CEO Machining has state-of-the-art machining equipment to solve every industry’s repair, retooling, and replacement needs. Its Houston area machine and fabrication shop places it where CEO Machining can provide a quick response to clients in all areas of North and South America.

CEO Machining has experienced, knowledgeable service personnel able to handle repair needs in several industries including, hydroelectric generation, steam power generation, nuclear power generation, off short and marine operations as well as steel manufacturing and mining.

Although Cutting Edge Onsite Machining is a relatively new company those involved in service have a wealth of experience and expertise.

For more information and for a free estimate, contact CEO Machining. Or, give us a call to discuss your repair needs at 936-262-6006.

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