onsite hydropower maintenance services
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Hydro Turbine Bearings

Hydro turbines are machines that convert water power into mechanical energy. They consist of two main parts: the rotor (which spins) and the stator (which generates electricity). The turbine bearings protect the machine from general wear and…
dragline excavator uses & maintenance

Dragline Excavator Uses

A dragline excavator is a large machine used to dig trenches and repurpose overburden at mining sites. Primarily used to dismantle and transport materials, dragline excavators uses make jobsites efficient and cost-effective. They are commonly…
hydroturbine maintenance

Hydro Turbine Maintenance

Hydroelectric power plants stand to be a leading source of energy production. With the world moving towards sustainability, the investment in hydropower has significantly increased. However, there stand to be occurring problems when it comes…
old dragline & maintenance
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Old Dragline

The mining industry has integrated new technology and machinery to process larger scale operations. Excavation is one of the most costly and time consuming aspects of mining operations, a primary reason many mine job sites are equipped with…
offshore machining experts
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Offshore Machining

Also called in-situ or field machining, onsite machining involves bringing the shop to the client’s worksite. Trained onsite machinists with the most up-to-date equipment can travel anywhere to perform machining, welding, mechanical repairs,…
cavitation repair for hydropower
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Cavitation Repair

Science Alert describes cavitation as the formation of the bubbles or voids in the liquids. These are caused by quick changes in pressure. Cavitation is a phenomenon where rapid pressure changes lead to the formation of small vapor-filled cavities…
hydro turbine repair feature
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Hydro Turbine Repair

What is a Hydro Turbine? Hydro turbines are devices used in hydroelectric generation plants. A hydro turbine is a rotary machine. It changes the kinetic energy of moving water and the potential energy of still water into mechanical energy.…