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Hydro Turbine Bearings

Hydro turbines are machines that convert water power into mechanical energy. They consist of two main parts: the rotor (which spins) and the stator (which generates electricity). The turbine bearings protect the machine from general wear and…
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Hydro Turbine Maintenance

Hydroelectric power plants stand to be a leading source of energy production. With the world moving towards sustainability, the investment in hydropower has significantly increased. However, there stand to be occurring problems when it comes…
cavitation repair for hydropower
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Cavitation Repair

Science Alert describes cavitation as the formation of the bubbles or voids in the liquids. These are caused by quick changes in pressure. Cavitation is a phenomenon where rapid pressure changes lead to the formation of small vapor-filled cavities…
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Hydro Turbine Repair

What is a Hydro Turbine? Hydro turbines are devices used in hydroelectric generation plants. A hydro turbine is a rotary machine. It changes the kinetic energy of moving water and the potential energy of still water into mechanical energy.…