old dragline & maintenance
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Old Dragline

The mining industry has integrated new technology and machinery to process larger scale operations. Excavation is one of the most costly and time consuming aspects of mining operations, a primary reason many mine job sites are equipped with…
portable machining & services

Portable Machining Services

When it comes to projects, efficiency is key. Onsite/portable machining is the keystone to keeping your project on time and on task. Cutting Edge provides portable machining services to keep you and your project working at maximum efficiency.   What…
what is in place machining

What is In Place Machining

In place machining companies provide services to a variety of industrial, scientific and military clients anywhere across the globe. Also called in-situ machining, in place machining contractors provide their customers with machining services…
offshore machining experts
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Offshore Machining

Also called in-situ or field machining, onsite machining involves bringing the shop to the client’s worksite. Trained onsite machinists with the most up-to-date equipment can travel anywhere to perform machining, welding, mechanical repairs,…
cavitation repair for hydropower
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Cavitation Repair

Science Alert describes cavitation as the formation of the bubbles or voids in the liquids. These are caused by quick changes in pressure. Cavitation is a phenomenon where rapid pressure changes lead to the formation of small vapor-filled cavities…
field machining repairs

Field Machining

Every significant machine operation—a power plant, for example—relies on not just a single machine but many different machines. Each one of these machines and their components must be running properly. However, if any are not fully operational,…
Large Diameter Construction

Large Diameter Machining

Creating, maintaining and repairing machine parts often takes on a new level of complexity when it comes to large diameter machining. Equipment of this size is usually best handled by large machining companies, like Cutting Edge, who are experienced…

Advantages of Onsite Machining

Onsite or field machining involves doing repairs at the site of the breakdown. The company completing this service uses portable machines which they bring to the repair problem area instead of transporting the piece of machinery to be fixed…
hydro turbine repair feature
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Hydro Turbine Repair

What is a Hydro Turbine? Hydro turbines are devices used in hydroelectric generation plants. A hydro turbine is a rotary machine. It changes the kinetic energy of moving water and the potential energy of still water into mechanical energy.…