onsite hydropower maintenance services
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Hydro Turbine Bearings

Hydro turbines are machines that convert water power into mechanical energy. They consist of two main parts: the rotor (which spins) and the stator (which generates electricity). The turbine bearings protect the machine from general wear and…
dragline excavator uses & maintenance

Dragline Excavator Uses

A dragline excavator is a large machine used to dig trenches and repurpose overburden at mining sites. Primarily used to dismantle and transport materials, dragline excavators uses make jobsites efficient and cost-effective. They are commonly…
hydroturbine maintenance

Hydro Turbine Maintenance

Hydroelectric power plants stand to be a leading source of energy production. With the world moving towards sustainability, the investment in hydropower has significantly increased. However, there stand to be occurring problems when it comes…
old dragline & maintenance
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Old Dragline

The mining industry has integrated new technology and machinery to process larger scale operations. Excavation is one of the most costly and time consuming aspects of mining operations, a primary reason many mine job sites are equipped with…
CNC Boring Bars

CNC Boring Bars

Cutting Edge Onsite Machining offers on-site line boring services and equips a range of 2"-12" boring bars for your onsite machining needs. We also regularly source custom boring bars for more specific dimensions with ease. Each of our boring…
portable machining & services

Portable Machining Services

When it comes to projects, efficiency is key. Onsite/portable machining is the keystone to keeping your project on time and on task. Cutting Edge provides portable machining services to keep you and your project working at maximum efficiency.   What…
what is in place machining

What is In Place Machining

In place machining companies provide services to a variety of industrial, scientific and military clients anywhere across the globe. Also called in-situ machining, in place machining contractors provide their customers with machining services…
offshore machining experts
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Offshore Machining

Also called in-situ or field machining, onsite machining involves bringing the shop to the client’s worksite. Trained onsite machinists with the most up-to-date equipment can travel anywhere to perform machining, welding, mechanical repairs,…
Whats Line Boring

What is Line Boring?

The term line boring is thrown around in the machining industry often, but not everyone is familiar with this common practice. Line boring is necessary for several machining projects and repairs and can range from simple procedures to complex…
single point buoy (SPM) | rig and vessel access | Cutting Edge Machining

Single Point Mooring Buoy

Single point mooring (SPM) buoy systems are used to keep a vessel stationed at a fixed location. They serve an integral purpose in offsite machining, and there are many configurations and designs depending on their use. Follow our guide below…