CNC Boring Bars

Cutting Edge Onsite Machining offers on-site line boring services and equips a range of 2″-12″ boring bars for your onsite machining needs. We also regularly source custom boring bars for more specific dimensions with ease.
Each of our boring bar sets can be fitted with tool holders depending on the type of machining. Attachments for welding are available, as well as an extensive array of cutting tools.

About Cutting Edge Onsite Machining

Peter Casey founded Cutting Edge Onsite Machining after 30 years in the machining industry. Casey founded the company to optimize quality, safety, and speed in a machining company which he and his team have delivered tirelessly in the last decade of operations. CEO Machining works in all parts of the industry, from large diameter machining, hydropower, thermal power, mining, offshore rigs, and steelworks.

Our operations home base is in Onalaska, Texas, where we custom fabricate all our cutting-edge equipment. Our 6,000 square foot facility houses conceptualizing, CAD, and 3D modeling equipment to actual fabrication, welding, testing, and inspection. Our location was chosen intentionally, near transport hubs in Houston and Dallas. This allows CEO Machining to quickly respond to national and international clients, as well as offshore rigs.

Many of our projects require boring operations, which is why we stock a wide span of 2″- 12″ boring bars. We also can customize boring bars and cutting tools for more unique projects like those listed below.

Here’s a closer look at the types of projects our boring bars can be used on:

Boring Bars for Large Radius Machining

Our state-of-the-art boring tools make large radius machining accurate and straightforward. Our boring bar sets are set using bore lasers, laser trackers, or even piano wire depending on the project requirements. Our CNC lathe allows the indexable boring bar to be mounted and operated remotely via an automated turning tool. This eliminates the need for the operator to remain near the boring bar holder or to run it manually.

Our stock of indexable boring bars and CNC lathes make boring operations for even the large diameter machining simple. We can switch from large radius machining to smaller projects with ease using our precision lathes and an array of boring bar sizes and diameters. This ensures your project gets done with minimal turnaround time!

Setting Accuracy

Cutting Edge Onsite Machining has a variety of methods available to ensure perfect accuracy when boring. We have precision bore laser sightings and trackers to ensure accurate placement of your boring hole.

In settings where lasers won’t work, we can also use the tested-and-true alignment method of piano wire!

Ensuring boring accuracy is crucial to operations – a boring hole just slightly off parallel or with the tiniest imperfection can bring activities to a grinding halt.

Choosing a capable industry leader like CEO Machining ensures that your routine machining projects like boring are done once – and done right the first time!

Parallel Bores

CEO Machining installs and executes parallel bores for a variety of projects including gearboxes. Our bars are installed carefully and then triple-checked for parallel and positioning before machining starts to ensure accuracy. As we mentioned before, accuracy in paralleling and boring holes is crucial to smooth operation and helps avoid costly project delays.

Interested in learning more about Cutting Edge Onsite Machining? Contact us today.

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