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Every significant machine operation—a power plant, for example—relies on not just a single machine but many different machines. Each one of these machines and their components must be running properly. However, if any are not fully operational, the entirety of the machine operation can be compromised. Unfortunately, most significant machine operations can’t afford to send in a new machine or machine part. This is where field machining comes in. By hiring a professional field machining organization—also known as “on-site machining”—any machines or machine components that break down can be fixed, conveniently, on-location.

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field machining

What Is Field Machining?

Every significant machine operation will, at some point in time, suffer from problems. These problems can often lead to a specific piece of machinery needing to be repaired or replace. But, depending on the machine operation, and the machine that needs to be repaired, it isn’t always practical to send that machine to a repair center. Field machining circumvents this inconvenience by having specialists go directly to a machine operator. A field machining technicians can quickly repair broken machinery in a quick, effective, and convenient manner. In addition, it’s also much more cost-effective.

The most significant machine operations—power plants for example—are exceptionally complex. Within these machine operations, there are a variety of different machines and machine components, all of which perform functions that are vital to that machine operation and its functioning. When these technical components begin to break down either because of age or an external factor, it can cause an entire operation to fail. The damage can cost money and time.

Most of the truly significant machine operations cannot afford to let these problems last for very long. If a power plant is out of commission for any significant period of time, for example, it may impact a community that may not have access to the electricity they require. Sending those machines or machine components to a repair facility is simply not feasible. This is where field machining comes in.

When a significant machine operation experiences a failure and, in turn, the need for repairs, a team of field machining specialists are sent in. These field machining specialists will go to the machine operation site directly and fix the machine or machine components that need to be repaired. Effectively, the problem is fixed on-site, and the machine operation can resume operation.

Why Is Field Machining Useful?

Field machining provides a wide variety of benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Less time to be spent waiting for repairs
  • Less money to be spent on those repairs

By hiring field machining specialists, the entire process of fixing machines and renewing a machine operation is so much easier and so much more convenient. The benefits provided by field machining are numerous and truly invaluable. Since field machine specialists come onto the machine operation site, rather than to a far-away repair facility, the machine operation can begin resuming much sooner than it normally would. This is especially important for machine operations that provide valuable infrastructure. But, beyond that, excessive downtime can lead to significant economic losses.

Why Are Repairs Difficult?

For many machines and machine components to be repaired, they must be stripped down. In most large operations, machinery can be extremely complex, heavy, and therefore costly to send out for repair. Instead, it’s usually advisable to find a field professional with the experience and expertise to diagnose the issues, seek parts or components needed, and repair directly onsite. If this is an option, onsite machining is paramount to success within the industry.

onsite field machining

Before enlisting the help of onsite machining companies, it’s important to understand their needs in order to execute the needed repairs. Tips from Power Engineering include:

1. Providing Complete Data

To minimize downtime and ensure a quality repair, it is essential to provide the field machining company with accurate information on the issues experienced and possible scenarios for fixes they should consider. This includes drawings, photographs and a written work scope. Without that information, the field machining company will have to do a site inspection to prepare for the repair.

2. Prep For Onsite Machnining

If the operation is familiar with the machinery and components, it’s always helpful to get a head start on tearing down portions that are in need of repairs. This will save time and operational costs. Be sure to check with the onsite machining company that they are equipped to handle a pre-prepped space.

3. Know Materials and Conditions

More often than not, a field machining professional will want a rundown on needs and types of equipment. The more information provided, the easier it is to assess and then diagnose the ongoing issue. For instance, knowing how old the machinery is or when operational maintenance was last conducted.

What Services Does Field Machining Consist Of?

Field machining consists of a wide assortment of different services and processes. Each one of these services and processes allows for all kinds of machines and machine components to be repaired quickly and effectively.

onsite machining

For machine and machine component repairs, there is nothing that can be done in a traditional machine shop that can’t be done with onsite machining. Services such as cutting, milling, drilling, welding, boring and casting—among many others—are often performed in a machine shop, and they can be performed by field machining specialists. That way, because of this, all-manner of machines and machine components can be repaired easily and quickly.

Of course, since onsite machining is quite a bit different from working in a machine shop, a field machining specialist will often rely on tools unlike those found in a traditional machine shop. These are tools that allow for greater mobility and convenience while offering the same degree of precision and efficiency. Tools such as specialized milling machines, specialized pipe cutting machines, and specialized boring machines are all very common. But, depending on the field machining project, there are a variety of other tools that may need to be used.

At Cutting Edge Onsite Machining, we offer onsite machining services for any problem. We have access to machining equipment that is truly state-of-the-art, and we work with some of the most knowledgeable machinists in the country. Regardless of your field machining needs, Cutting Edge Onsite Machining can help.

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