Large Diameter Machining

Creating, maintaining and repairing machine parts often takes on a new level of complexity when it comes to large diameter machining. Equipment of this size is usually best handled by large machining companies, like Cutting Edge, who are experienced in addressing and handling these sizeable pieces.

Large diameter machining refers specifically to services for very large, heavy and long parts. Oftentimes, these bulky parts are not easily moved or removed from a machine on a job-site or in a building. Additionally, when they are removed, most CNC machining tools cannot fit the designs.

This is also true with regard to the creation of large diameter pieces ordered. Lathes used to cut and shape custom pieces for a variety of job sites may not be able to make a piece to the dimensions that a client orders. If there’s a need for machining maintenance and repairs, be sure to contact the experts at Cutting Edge. We’ve handled onsite machining maintenance and repairs for all large CNC milling machine using our state-of-the-art equipment.

This is why large diameter machining or large diameter turning services are so crucial.

large diameter machining

Who Can Perform Large Diameter Machining?

Not every CNC machining company is up to the task of large diameter machining. Since the parts involved are often large, heavy and long, the equipment in the factory or shop must have a high capacity for boring and turning. Specialty CNC machining tools are built to accommodate designs both large in diameter and with considerable length, which make them large diameter turning and boring tools.

Oftentimes a limit to length or height will be set, depending on the size of the lathes and equipment in the shop. This will take into consideration what the machine itself can house, and the strength of available cranes and pulleys in the shop. If it is a specialty shop, the type of parts and purpose may also play a factor in whether a shop can produce the requested results.

Because of the sheer size of the parts that are being created or repaired, large diameter machining doesn’t often happen onsite. That’s why companies like Cutting Edge Onsite Machining exist!

Large Diameter Machining

What Parts are Created in Large Diameter Machining?

Large diameter machining calls for normal and custom machining parts, just as any engineering design might. The difference, however, is the size, height, width, and/ or length of these pieces.

Basically, large diameter machining creates extra-large castings, cylinders, flanges, pulleys, shafts, suspension arms, valves, rings and more. Any part that might usually be crafted for a regular machine design can be used in large diameter machining. It is of course, much bigger.

In addition, some companies may specialize in certain types of large diameter machining. For example, some work specifically with large metal pieces that may be used in ship engines or processes. Others may work with specific parts and machining capabilities in the mining sphere. The equipment and capabilities of their shop equipment might reflect this.

What Kind of Industries Use Large Diameter Machining?

As you may already suspect, extra capacity machining is most common in industries that require very large and heavy pieces. This includes chemical processing, converting, industrial shafting and large-scale textiles.

Also common are industries dealing with power generation and hydroelectricity. Finally, as we mentioned before, large-scale ships and vessels see their fair share of large diameter machining. This is because most parts of a ship’s engineering are made of incredibly large parts, from propulsion (propellers and boilers) to shafting and more.

large cnc milling machine

Why is CNC Large Diameter Machining Important?

Large CNC milling machining is now the industry standard. This is because the computerized design and quality control make turnaround fast and the time spent creating or repairing each piece as minimal as possible. Check out some details on designing CNC parts, as well as other types of CNC machines.

More specifically, though, computerized large diameter machining is doubly important. CNC large diameter turning means that large amounts of material can be shaved from a piece very quickly in order to shape and cut it to the exact specifications needed of a piece.

It also means that multiple pieces can be worked on at a time, increasing efficiency ten-fold. While parts are being ordered and created or even repaired, a job site will not be held up indefinitely without the much-needed parts that are currently in production.

In addition, large CNC milling machine allows shops to diversify the pieces that they create or repair in the same lathes. Because the machine is computerized, different specs and designs can easily be calibrated. In turn, this means that they can work with more clients from a variety of industries or the same clients who need diverse parts for different aspects of the job.

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