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Offshore Machining

Also called in-situ or field machining, onsite machining involves bringing the shop to the client’s worksite.

Trained onsite machinists with the most up-to-date equipment can travel anywhere to perform machining, welding, mechanical repairs, and machine design, and replacements.

Sometimes a project requires a custom mounting fixture, attachment, or even an entirely new machine design.

For example: At the Grand Coulee Dam, CEO Machining was hired by American Hydro to perform onsite machining services at the John W. Keys III Pump-Generating Plant.

The task involved machining the embedded parts and the lower wear ring of units of the generating plant.

hydro electric turbines

Benefits of Onsite Machining

  • Saves Time and Money

Time is money. While costly machines are being dismantled, packaged, and sent to a repair shop, the company is losing valuable time and money. Companies that can find cost-cutting repair and refitting measures that save time and money succeed in a highly competitive economy. Clients need to be able to pinpoint a problem and fix it quickly.

  • More Practical 

Often, because of the size of the machine, it is just not practical to take it to a shop. With onsite machining, specialized machines and professionals trained to work offsite come to the problem.

  • Quality and Precision   

Thanks to modern technological advancements, it is now possible to have portable machines work onsite to perform high-quality, precise machining. Skilled technicians working with state-of-the-art equipment can diagnose and solve problems.

  • Logistics

Precision machines can be brought right to the site of the problem. This avoids the nightmare of having to transport the non-functioning bulky, heavy machines to a machine shop and back to the job site. Broken parts don’t have to be dismantled and shipped. Transportation costs are also eliminated.

  •  Downtime Cut to Minimum

Onsite machining avoids transportation time and drastically reduces the time costly machinery and the employees running it are idle.

  • Eliminates Dismantling and Misdiagnosis

Many times, exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced isn’t evident until skilled machinists examine the piece of machinery. By doing assessment and repairs onsite, the time wasted on dismantling equipment for transport to the machine shop is eliminated.

Moreover, machinists can pinpoint the right parts for repair or replacement onsite rather than having the wrong parts transported to the machine shop. Time is saved and frustrations are eliminated. Getting repairs completed quickly and efficiently is crucial to business success.

  • Round the Clock Service

Companies like CEO offer onsite or field machining twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Modification, repair, and replacement services can happen in hours instead of days.

Where is Onsite Machining Used?

Onsite machining services provide potential solutions at any plant or job site. You will see skilled machinists working at mines, hydroelectric and nuclear power generating plants, onshore and offshore mining locations, offshore drilling sites, coal, oil, and gas institutions, water plants, and manufacturing and steel fabrication sites. Onsite machinists work at diesel and wind power generating plants, shipyards, shipbuilding plants, cement manufacturing, and pulp and paper plants.

Onsite machining occurs at defense and military installations and aerospace facilities.

At new construction sites, field machining is available for startup and planned shutdowns. Onsite machining provides support for emergency repairs and replacements.

Experienced onsite machinists, using high-tech equipment, can mill, bore, trepan, and drill.

In fact, quality portable machines can do almost any machining chores that could be carried out in the machining workshop. Sometimes the project is offshore, which is where offshore machining comes in.

offshore machining projects

What is an Offshore Project?

As the name suggests, offshore machining occurs off the land.

Field machining occurs in offshore ventures such as drilling sites. As you can imagine, the cost, labor, time, and logistics of getting machines to an onshore machine shop are compounded when those machines may be located hundreds of miles out in the ocean.

When a breakdown occurs offshore, field machinists travel to the offshore work site to repair, replace, or remanufacture worn or damaged machine components. As well, offshore projects often include general maintenance checks. The job may be as extensive as overhauling or completely rebuilding machines.

Offshore machinists are ready to analyze, design, and perform complicated engineering operations in the field.

Competent technicians can assess the problem, select potential problem-solving solutions, and make mechanical repairs on offshore equipment including pumps, motors, filters, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, valves, other offshore instruments.

General maintenance and equipment assessment can prevent costly breakdowns from occurring. These include but are not limited to

  • Visual inspections  of structural components
  • Assessment of machinery
  • Ultrasonic gauging
  • Calculation of new material requirements
  • Welding procedures
  • Metal repair and replacement
  • Co-ordination with offshore maintenance staff

offshore machining

Why Choose Cutting Edge Offshore Machining Services?

Cutting Edge has highly experienced and technically accurate professionals. They are very responsive to unique client needs.

Cutting Edge machinists use state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to complete projects safely, on time, and with the highest quality workmanship.

Cutting Edge’s Houston-area 6000sf fabrication shop can customize machines and address customer requests anywhere in the continental Americas whether the project involves making critical repairs or creating new designs.

Cutting Edge brings to offshore machining projects over a quarter of a century of proven knowledge and competence.

The company has been a pioneer in field machining both onshore and offshore.

Satisfied clients laud the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of CEO Machining both onshore and offshore.

CEO Machining uses only state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified machinists. They are prepared to address all industry needs including machine repair, retooling, and replacement.

Cutting Edge in field and Houston-area machine and fabrication guarantee a quick response to customer needs 24/7, accurate assessment of the problem at the worksite, and rapid, accurate solutions. We are committed to getting our clients’ machines and employees back to work in short order.

CEO Machining provides a quick response anywhere in North and South America, any time of the day or night.

CEO Machining has experienced, knowledgeable service personnel able to handle repair needs in several industries including, hydroelectric generation, steam power generation, nuclear power generation, off short and marine operations as well as steel manufacturing and mining.

Cutting Edge Onsite Machining has a wealth of experience and expertise in a wide variety of infield settings. They are ready to respond to onshore and offshore needs both large and small. No request is considered impossible.

To discuss your company’s needs with a trained onsite machining technician, contact us at 936.262.6006.

We’ll respond day or night, seven days a week.

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