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When it comes to projects, efficiency is key. Onsite/portable machining is the keystone to keeping your project on time and on task. Cutting Edge provides portable machining services to keep you and your project working at maximum efficiency.

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What is Portable Machining?

Also known as onsite or field machining, portable machining involves the completion of repairs or replacements on-site (at the site of the machinery breakdown).

Companies that specialize in portable machining services utilize portable machines.

They bring this equipment to the work site instead of transporting the machine or part that requires fixing or replacing to their machine shop.

Where is Portable Machining Used?

If there are machines at a worksite anywhere on land or sea portable machines can be there to assess the situation and make repairs right away.

Portable machining services respond to calls from such industries as:

  • Hydropower generation
  • Nuclear power generation
  • Wind power generation
  • Petrochemical operations
  • Mining operations
  • Shipbuilding projects
  • Marine vessels
  • Offshore industry
  • Metal production and fabrication
  • Engine power and propulsion
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Lumber, pulp, and paper production
  • Infrastructure manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory research and development
  • Military installations

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Why is Portable Machining Needed?

In this highly competitive economy, budgets and deadlines are tight. Time lost translates to crucial dollars losses.

In any industry, clients expect and demand a high-quality product at competitive prices. In manufacturing and industry, quality of product, precise workmanship, and the highest performance is vital.

Those who are able to create cost-cutting measures, saving both time and money, will succeed.

Companies bid on a job expecting they will be able to complete it without repairs, machine failure, or problems in the field. When these arise, it is crucial to the bottom line that the machines and the workers are back to work as quickly as possible. Lost time for repairs can put the company over budget. This added cost is either passed on to the employer or absorbed by the company. Either way, time lost on repairs and replacement can have disastrous consequences.

Fixing the problem fast and accurately so that the operation continues to run at top efficiency is vital to the viability of the business.

Portable machine services provide top-quality, precision machining. This is the same excellent service you’d get in a machine shop without the logistical nightmare of getting the machine dismantled, the part shipped, time lost to shipping both ways, and the time to reassemble.

No longer does the repair work have to occur at a workshop. The problem can now be diagnosed, located, and repaired on-site. This can occur even when machines are be located in very difficult and awkward sites.

By making use of portable machines, the workshop is literally taken to the job site. There are several good reasons to use portable machining services:

  • Avoid Logistical Headaches

Onsite machining means the machine shop comes to the work location. Removing the broken part, dismantling the machine, packing it for shipping, and transporting it to the shop are all eliminated. There are no transportation costs. Loss of worker hours to dismantle, pack, and ship are avoided. Shipping time to and from the machine shop is also saved.

  • Reduce Downtime

When a part breaks, there is a cost in both machine downtime as well as with the crew that needs that machine being idle. Eliminating transportation time reduces both personnel and machine downtime.

The portable machine crew does its job and the operation is up and running to maximum efficiency once more.

If a piece of equipment has to be stripped, packed, and moved to a repair facility, the result is costly long downtime. Portable machining cuts downtown from days or even weeks to the mere hours needed to make repairs in the field.

  • Improve Budget Bottom Line

Time is money. When machines and crew are idle, the cost of the job increases. By making repairs onsite, downtime at your worksite is reduced. Lost time is cut to a minimum. Onsite repairs avoid lengthy downtime. They also cut what could be significant shipping costs. Precision machining can be done fast and accurately. Even time to assess the situation is less when the crew can see the problem at the site. Portable machine tools keep the bottom line healthy.

Onsite or field machining services provide a cost-effective modification and repair to most parts and equipment. Companies like CEO offer portable machining service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Field Machining Eliminates Dismantling Time

It takes time to dismantle equipment for transporting to a machine shop. Often, the crew working on that machine is not familiar with the dismantling process. It can be both time-consuming and frustrating for them. The location of the machine or the complexity of the problem may be daunting. Perhaps, it is unclear exactly what isn’t working. They may end up shipping the wrong part or an entire machine because they are unsure. Transportation and labor costs mount.

With onsite or field machining, repairs occur right on site. The time and trouble of stripping down machinery, dismantling, packing for transport, and reassembly are eliminated.

Trained technicians with precise equipment can diagnose the situation, pinpoint the problem and get the machine back up and running. Shipping and reassembly time are eliminated.

Types of Portable Machining Services

Portable machines can be bolted or clamped directly at the job site. Portable machines can be mounted quickly and easily fast and accurately into any position. Thanks to skilled technicians and precise machines, these and other challenges can be achieved.

  • Boring
  • Torquing
  • Pipe beveling
  • Flange facing
  • Retooling
  • Replacement
  • Forging
  • Forming
  • Welding
  • Material production and manufacturing

How Has Technology Improved?

Thanks to ever-improving technology, new machines, and trained technologists can perform intricate analytics and repairs onsite. For example: Using laser trackers, large-scale measurement can be performed. Laser scanners can capture parts with breathtaking detail. Portable CMM can calculate point-to-point measurement barriers with both accuracy and speed. Having located the problem, parts can be repaired, refitted, or replaced on the spot.

Sometimes, retooling or retrofitting cannot be done from the site. However, portable machining services can link with the support engineering team back at the in-house machine shop for a project that requires a custom-mounted fixture or a new machine design. It’s like having the machine shop right there.

Improved technology has brought precision machines to the work-site problem. This avoids the time to transport the non-functioning machine to a machine shop and then back to the job site.

portable machining and repair

How Can Cutting Edge Help?

When you need portable machining services, you want a company with a wide variety of on-site repair and replacement capabilities. You need a company with knowledgeable, experienced specialists who can quickly assess the problem and devise a fast, accurate solution.

Competition is tight. Businesses like yours cannot afford to have machines and employees idle. CEO can guarantee to be onsite anywhere in the world quickly. Thanks to technology and our competent onsite specialists, we can analyze the problem.

We’ll have you back to work in hours.

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