What is In Place Machining

In place machining companies provide services to a variety of industrial, scientific and military clients anywhere across the globe. Also called in-situ machining, in place machining contractors provide their customers with machining services through portable or mobile machine units that come to them wherever they are needed.

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Where is it Used?

In place machining is ready to service, align, balance, repair on the worksite.

They provide a wide range of services including welding, metrology, reassembly, mechanical and millwright services to a wide range of businesses.

Examples where in place machining may be needed include:

  • Steel fabrication
  • Cement generation
  • Aluminum production
  • Hydropower generation
  • Petrochemical operations
  • Mining operations
  • Shipyard/shipbuilding projects
  • Marine and Offshore industry

In place machining can provide onsite field machining and measurement for any industry that works with metals and other specialized materials literally anywhere the company is working. 

Knowledgeable, highly trained technicians adept at using specialized computer software can

  • repair
  • replace
  • reassemble
  • modify
  • realign

machines right there in the field.

The in place machining services team is usually composed of specialized professionals in the areas of engineering, millwrights, machinists, welders and alignment technicians. These professionals work with a wide range of specialized equipment and instrumentation.

Specialized machinery and trained problem solvers with technical knowledge combine to address customer concerns, needs, and requirements. These include planned and emergency maintenance, equipment modification or modernization as well as emergency repairs and break-down solutions.

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Onsite machining

Through onsite machining, companies bring machinery and trained technicians to the location where they are needed. Onsite machining teams of skilled field machinists include welders and engineers. Together the team can provide a wide range of services that include making repairs, assembly or disassembly, rebuilds millwright, grinding, balancing, welding, lapping, and other mechanical services.

Field machining

With field machining equipment, experienced technicians can perform operations just as precisely on the worksite as they can in they had brought the equipment needing repairs to the machine shop.

Versatile, modular field machining equipment can perform the usual machining and finishing operations in the workplace anywhere.

Competent, experienced field machinists can deal with everything from small repairs to multi-unit projects. They provide field and measuring services to all types of companies. Field machining technicians complete in-the-field services for military ventures, industrial businesses, and science-based enterprises. This may include turning, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, honing, and/or lapping.

Field machining operations are often coupled with measurement services. These carefully calibrated machines in the hands of highly trained technicians provide extremely precise onsite alignment, measurement, and inspection for customers. This is done through the use of portable laser and laser tracker systems, optical, mechanical, as well as electronic measuring instrumentation.

Both field machining and measurement equipment are controlled by the use of sophisticated computer software.

Projects of all sizes and scopes are completed on time and according to client specifications by field machining technicians who know how to get the job done on location anywhere in the world.

Portable machining

Portable machining offers speedy, reliable mechanical repairs through a process called “metal stitching”.

First, portable machining companies can repair a crack or hole without the need to weld. These repairs made by expert portable machining technicians are permanent and made on the worksite to repair a crack or blow-out hole without welding.

In the process of metal stitching, cracked metal is replaced by specialized metal stitching pins. These are installed by drilling and tapping. The sides of the cavity or crack are drawn together just like stitches in human skin. The continuous row of interlocking stitching creates a powerful, pressure-sealed repair.

After the metal stitching is completed experienced technicians then install locks on the joint. They do this by drilling a precise hole pattern with a special drill. Locks are then driven into the holes, further securing the crack or crater.

Metal stitching is done mainly on cast iron parts. But, it can be done on any metal that is capable of being machined. This includes steel, aluminum, and bronze castings. With portable machining equipment, repairs can be made to parts between three-sixteenths and twelve inches thick.

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Common Links

All these services center around machining.

Additionally, whether it is portable machining, field services, in place or onsite machining, all the services you require to repair, rebuild, modify, or other mechanical needs, in place machining companies can provide those to your business right where your project is. The common link is that the machining service comes to you.

All machines are operated at the worksite. All require precise software computers and highly trained technicians who coordinate their operation.

By offering in place machining, these companies cut costs of valuable work time lost while you are waiting for service, repairs, modifications, or parts replacement.

Cutting Edge In Place Machining

Cutting Edge In Place Machining hires experienced technically-knowledgeable machinists. They use their advanced technical skills on the company’s state-of-the-art machining equipment. Every project—no matter how big or small—is completed to the client’s exact specifications. Our aim is on-time delivery and safety with the highest quality product.

Meeting Client Needs with Cutting Edge

From its beginnings in Onalaska, Texas, Cutting Edge has utilized its 6000sf fabrication shop for project customization of client products across the United States.

Our trained machinists understand customer needs. We strive for excellence in every project from the most basic maintenance challenges to create new designs.

Cutting Edge Onsite Machining has a long history of outstanding leadership and skilled service people. Peter Casey, a thirty-year veteran of in place machining leads a highly qualified team with creative insightful excellence in the field.

Peter’s excellent leadership and our team’s high degree of commitment and quality-oriented workmanship are the reason Cutting Edge is in great demand worldwide.

With our team of trained machinists, Peter has traveled to seventeen countries on five continents bringing customers globally on-site solutions to their repair, modification, replacement needs in a variety of industries.

Some of our most noteworthy projects is the machining of an antenna base a hundred feet in diameter for American-based General Dynamics, the boring of a thirty-foot turbine in Venezuela; and the nuclear power plant machining of HP and LP turbine casings.

At Cutting Edge In Place Machining, our entire staff takes pride in providing not only the highest quality work but also the most responsive, uniquely creative precision machining solutions in the business.

Let us assist you in meeting your design and repair needs.

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